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Bike to Work
Manhattan MTA

This past year, I collected over 5 different transit shirts, a few hats, and even an Amtrak nametag. Below are all the apparel that the Transportation Museum has.

The MTA subway map of Manhattan, available at the New York Transit Museum, shows different stops in the center if the city, like Times Square.

RTC, part if Reno and Las Vegas' transit, has an annual Bike to Work Week. When we were visiting Reno, the transit office gave me a Bike to Work Week shirt, along with more.

The back of this Austin Transit t-shirt says 'Special Event Staff.' Great for any transit-related event, including the museum, Capital metro's Special Event Staff t-shirt is great, and stands out.

If it's SEPTA, ride it. Whether it's the new train, bus -- whatever it is, if it's SEPTA ride it. Southeastern Pennyslvania Transit Authority sent me this cool shirt.

Capital Metro Shirt


Amtrak Shirt
Samtrans jacket

From a California Welcome Center by an Amtrak station, this shirt shoes and Amtrak passenger train going by some signals, headed for...?


This Samtrans wind-breaker, from San Mateo County Transit District, is used for actual bus employees today. When buses are headed to the ocean where it's windy, or a light rain is coming on, you may just see your bus driver wearing it.

Caltrain, connecting San Francisco to San Jose, is a great commuter-rail service. This hat was displayed at this year and last year's museum, and has always been noticed by visitors.

Caltrain hat
samTrans Hat

This hat, with both a picture of the mountains and 'Calaveras Transit', always is a great part of the Apparel section. The hat is in new condition, and other hats of this kind are on some Calaveras Transit (CA) bus driver's head now.


Calaveras Transit Hat

Clovis Transit, next to Fresno's transit, also sent me few other things. But the hat, with the horse on it, may be the best Clovis-related edition to the museum. 


Clovis Transit Hat

Sent by Capital Metro (Austin, TX), this hat goes pretty well with the shirt. A neon-green background, with both a light and dark blue font, is the perfect combo, in my opinion. 



Open the possibilities with Dallas Area Regional Transit Authority's Orange Line. A 14-mile extenison, ending in 2014, connects Downtown Dallas to DFW in no time!


DART Orange Line Hat
Gillig Hat

Gillig, manufacturer of most California transits, has a hat with an American flag on it. Sent by Lassen County California's transit, this hat shows America and buses, for me, the best.

161 Street -- Yankee Stadium, home of the Yankees. Served by 3 lines, including the Lexington Ave. Express, this station is always crowded on game days. This hat, from the NY Transit Museum, shows what the sign would say at the station.​

NYC Metro Hat

This hat, with the new Amtrak logo, is on a black background with bright red and blue coloring. From the California Welcome Center (just like the shirt) this is a close remake of what conductors wear.

Amtrak Hat

This Samtrans hat, one of two exactly the same, was donated to the museum by the same person who gave the jacket. This hat fits perfectly in the museum -- either in the Local section, or the apparel.

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